Rent and points

The maximum basic rent for social housing is calculated according to the points system. If the tenant and the landlord disagree on the amount of rent, they may ask the Rent Tribunal to mediate.


Points system

The points system for social housing indicates the quality of the accommodation, in which the number of points corresponds to a maximum rent. Points are given for various factors, such as the floor area of the rooms, the kitchen and sanitary facilities, energy performance and the WOZ value. There are separate points systems for self-contained accommodation, shared accommodation (rooms), caravans and caravan pitches. Special rules also apply to assisted living facilities and accommodation in a listed building.

The Rent Tribunal has described how it applies the points system in the policy books underlying the housing evaluation system for self-contained and shared accommodation. These policy books can be found on the Publications page.
You can find more information about the points system on the website.

Disagree with the rent

Do the tenant and the landlord disagree on the amount of rent? And is the tenancy agreement older than six months? First, the tenant should submit a written proposal for reducing the rent to the landlord. You can find more information on the Rent reduction page.

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